Jessica Jenkins

Jessica is one of the hardest working and detail oriented people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. She is our PACU manager and you couldn’t ask for a better nurse to ensure patient safety and comfort to patients recovering from anesthesia. Jessica is highly skilled in the use of central lines and a variety of infusion devises. Jessica’s kindness and gentle approach make her a true master at ensuring patient at various levels of consciousness due to local, partial or complete sedation.

After surgery Jessica is responsible for assessing patients, providing care to ventilator dependent patients, and monitoring dressings. She is also always eager provide reassurance and education to patients and family members. Jessica is critical to our PACU, as patients may suffer from difficulty breathing, pain, nausea, emesis, fear, and agitation. Jessica’s physical and mental stamina is unmatched. She is a seasoned pain management expert who is quick thinking makes her the perfect choice for responding to any post-operative emergencies. Jessica’s deeply compassionate personality allows her to easily provide care to patients who are confused and agitated due to disorientation from anesthesia. She is also always happy to compassionately provide emotional support to family members.