What’s the Best Procedure or Treatment to Help with Under Eye Wrinkles? Realself.com Q&A

Wrinkles can be caused by several things, some of which can be corrected. Here’s a breakdown…

Botox Under Eyes

1. Muscle movement – a circular muscle surrounds the eyelids and are responsible for crow’s feet. If the wrinkles you make when you squint are still there when you stop squinting, then Botox will improve the appearance. It will also prevent collagen breakdown caused by muscle movement, so it can be preventative when used early. For more information on Botox costs, click here.

Botox Treatment

2. Sun damage – even minimal daily exposure can lead to collagen breakdown. Regular sunscreen use as well as sunglasses and eye creams can keep your skin as healthy and plump as possible. For lots of skin damage, skin resurfacing with laser or peel may be indicated. Botox treatment can however greatly reduce wrinkles under and to the sides of the eyes due to squinting. Remember, not all injectors are created equal. With that in mind you may want to check out our blog on Botox costs.

Facial Fillers

3. Volume loss – losing even a small amount of fat under the eyes can cause depressions called “tear troughs”. This is where filler comes in. To decide which of these options will work for you I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck! If you would like to learn more about facial fillers click here.