Top Ten Questions About Breast Augmentation… Question 1

How do I know what size implants to get?

The decision should be one that you make with your doctor after a thorough consultation and examination. Here are some of the factors that can help decide which implant size is the best for you…

Current breast size and desired breast size – No doctor can absolutely guarantee a specific bra cup size. But by listening carefully to what you want, looking at pictures together, and allowing you to try on a range of sizes of implants, a good surgeon can help you pick the size that’s best for you.

Your skin – If your skin is loose over your breast tissue, a larger implant sometimes looks better since it fills out the extra skin. On the other hand, very large implants (over 500mL) can put extra stress and strain on the skin due to the forces of gravity, causing faster sagging than smaller implants.

Your body shape and size – A 200mL implant would look large on a 5’2″, 100 pound woman who wears a 30AA bra, but would not even be noticeable for a 5’10”, 200 pound woman who wears a 38C. Also, implants come in different shapes. Some are narrow and project a lot, and some are wide and flat. Picking an implant that fits properly on your chest will keep your result looking as natural as possible.