Things that Fill My Cup

Last week, a friend and fellow surgeon inspired me to think about the things in life that enrich your soul, or as she says, the things that fill your cup. I’ve spent a lot of time this week thinking about the things that fill my cup. At first consideration, some of them are stressful or difficult. In the end, all of them are rewarding. Here’s a list of what has kept my cup full this week.

  1. My Family: I made the trip to Ohio to surprise my sister Jenn a week after the birth of her first child. She is named after my late mother, my best friend; a woman who was an angel to many and a constant example of sacrifice and support.
  2. House calls: I am unabashedly in support of house calls, despite their time consuming nature. As a physician, it gives me a chance to see patients in their own surrounding and gives me first hand insight into the challenges they face in their recovery as well as the strong suits of their home and family. As a person, it gives me the opportunity to help patients who are immobile or patients in Hospice who do not want to spend their last days in a doctors office.
  3. Junior League: Tonight, I went to my twice monthly Junior League meeting. I had a blast talking with the many women who feel a strong desire to help their community by volunteering. I also became co-chair of the new committee designed to help parents and siblings of premature infants adapt to the special needs of a premie in the family. I’m excited because despite the hard work this will take to get this new league fundraiser off the ground, I’m nothing but excited to get started on this unbelievable project.
  4. My Husband: I want to thank my loving husband and inspiration, Ryan. His enthusiasm and drive are infectious, and his confidence is contagious. He has matured from seeking a life of success to seeking a life of significance, and I’m so happy to be on the journey with him.

Thank you for sharing the things that are inspiring to me this week. I hope you also find your inspiration.