Is There a Way To Prepare My Skin for Extra Large Implants? Q&A

You have already stretched the skin and breast tissue significantly, and I’m surprised that you are not already close to an F with your current implants. Although I’m not usually a fan of implants that large, there are some ways to help minimize the risks of nerve damage, thinning skin, rippling, and early sag (ptosis) when large implants are used. If you want to go as big as you can, using a spectrum saline implant with a port that can be filled and deflated after surgery can allow you to see what different sizes look like and how much stress they put on your tissues. If you don’t want a saline implant, you can always have them traded out for silicone later on. Some surgeons will even do this in the office under local anesthesia. Also, ask your surgeon about an allograft (tissue sling) to help strengthen and support your tissues so they are less likely to thin and sag over time. Good luck!