Is a Breast Lift Needed If I Have a Level 1 Breast Ptosis? Q&A

Although it does sound like you could have a good result without needing a lift, it’s only by assessing the stretchiness of your skin in a physical exam that a definite answer can be given. Even if the look of the breast is good after surgery, sometimes the nipple will be lower on the breast than desired or the breast itself will be lower if a lift is avoided. I’d recommend seeing a few surgeons and getting an opinion in person before deciding. Also, some surgeons routinely separate these surgeries, so there is nothing wrong with getting the implant and seeing how things look. If you are happy with the shape, but your nipple is just a little low, a periareolar lift (lift of the nipple and areola) can even be done under local anesthesia in the office. Best of luck to you.