Hello World

I am Dr. Dana Goldberg, though many patients call me Dr. Dana.

I decided to write a blog since I find myself sharing the same thoughts with friends and colleagues again and again.

I have a lot of ideas about health care, and not just about Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. I don’t claim to be the most well read or involved physician on every issue in medicine, but I do have observations and opinions about many aspects of health care in the United States and the state of Florida that I want to share.

This blog will certainly touch on some controversial issues. There’s no way around that when you are discussing something as meaningful and ever changing as the state of healthcare in this country. It is not my intention to portray my opinion as fact, and I’ll relate my observations as honestly as possible without embellishment.

I’ll be sharing many patient stories with you, my internet readers, so I’ll have to change names, details, and dates to ensure complete privacy for my patients, who are always my first priority. I know this experience will be cathartic for me, and I hope it will be informative and interesting for everyone else.

Thanks for reading,
Dana M. Goldberg MD