Five Things You Can Do To Look Younger Without Having Surgery

Here are 5 things you can do right now to keep looking young.

  1. Wear Sunscreen: The moment you expose your skin to the sun, UV rays begin to damage DNA, which is the blueprint our bodies use to build new healthy skin cells.  Changes in DNA lead to skin cancer growth. Collagen fibers are weakened and replaced with elastic fibers, contributing to wrinkling and sagging. Pigment cells begin to work overtime, causing blotchiness and sunspots. By wearing sunscreen, you not only minimize your risk of skin cancer, but keep yourself looking younger.
  2. Don’t Smoke: Blood flow to your skin brings oxygen and nutrients, which are essential to it’s health. One puff of nicotine shuts down the microcirculation in the skin for six hours. Over time, this leads to deep wrinkles and discoloration around the mouth that are hard to fix without invasive procedures.
  3. Take a Multivitamin: Skin cells are shed and replaced every several weeks.  Your body needs the proper nutrients to rebuild healthy skin. Vitamin C, zinc, and several other vitamins all contribute to the health of your skin.
  4. Don’t Forget Your Hands and Chest: Nothing makes aging more obvious than the harsh contrast between a youthful, protected face and a sun damaged neck, chest, and hands. Several products are made specifically for the decolletage, and sunscreen should be applied everywhere your skin will be exposed to the sun.
  5. Regular Skin Care: Whether you are in your twenties, looking to prevent skin damage, or you’re in your sixties, with the goal of reversing the signs of aging, there is a skin care regimen that is appropriate for you. Dr. Goldberg will assess your skin and recommend a skin care regimen personalized to improve your skin’s appearance and texture.