Breast Reconstruction Surgeons In Jupiter Florida

There are many reasons why women choose to undergo breast reconstruction surgery. One of the most common is reconstruction after a Mastectomy, but other reasons include breast trauma, tuberous breast deformity, or lack of breast development. These procedures can assist women in feeling whole again, and the biggest benefit is the fact that these surgeries can result in real-looking breasts. Another positive aspect of this surgery is the fact that it allows women the chance to conquer their cancer. Whether to have breast reconstruction is a personal decision that needs to be made by each, individual woman.

Understanding the Limits of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Women that are considering undergoing this type of procedure need to understand that there are limits concerning their surgery and the size of breast implants. In order to determine which is the best of all options available, prospective patients need to consult with a surgeon to find out what procedures are safe and which will give the best outcome.

Booking the Surgery

There are two options open to women who are considering breast reconstruction after Mastectomy; they can either have reconstructive surgery during or after Mastectomy has been performed. If the patient chooses to have their surgery at the same time as the Mastectomy, they will avoid a second anesthesia, but this will take longer and it might take more time to arrange, which could delay Mastectomy. On the other hand, prospective patients can also choose to have reconstructive surgery once they have healed from the Mastectomy.

Be Aware of your Options The moment you decide to undergo this type of surgery, your surgeon will need to explain your options to you. When it comes to reconstructive surgery after a Mastectomy, surgeons can either use prosthetics, such as saline and silicone implants or they can use the patient’s own tissue to reform the breast. Before you can choose one of these options, you will need to make sure that you consult with your surgeon so that you’ll be made aware of how each option will look and the pros and cons of each possibility.