A Day in the Life of a Plastic Surgeon

6:30 AM – Rise and shine!

7:30 – Breast Cancer Conference at the hospital

This is a weekly meeting where physicians from many different specialties, like oncology, radiology, surgery, and pathology come together to discuss the latest research related to breast cancer care. We also talk about specific patients.  After reviewing the history, radiology, and pathology, we all discuss what the best treatment plan will be.

9:00 – Hospital Rounds

Not only do I see patients in my office and operate, but I also see patients in the hospital…make that many hospitals. Most people are surprised that plastic surgeons also work in the hospital, but we take care of everything from broken noses to chest wounds after open heart surgery. After checking labs, vital signs, and test results, I check on each patient and write orders for the nurses for the day. And finally, there is time for coffee 🙂

11:00 – Patients in the office

Today, there is a pretty typical mix of patients. Some are interested in cosmetic surgery (breast augmentation and tummy tuck are popular today), some are patients following up after breast reconstruction, and some are patients with skin cancer.  The day is interrupted by about 40 different phone calls and emails, but that’s what keeps life interesting!

4:00 – Surgery

A scar revision this afternoon. The OR staff, as usual, anticipate my needs, and the procedure goes quickly and smoothly. A good team is the key to a successful surgeon!

7:00 – Another visit back to the hospital

There is a patient in the Emergency Department who had a breast surgery out of town, but came to our emergency department because she thought something was wrong. I always feel especially bad for anyone who ends up in the emergency department while they’re on vacation. Luckily, everything was ok, and she got to go home.

8:00 – Home

Another great day. Time to blog, study, and look over some of the new changes required for electronic prescriptions in the office.

11:30 – Sleep!