Dr Dana Goldberg

Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons

I have built my plastic surgery practice here in South Florida on the simple idea that I could stand out among other plastic surgeons by providing patients with "the ultimate experience in plastic surgery."

In my mind, the ultimate experience in plastic surgery means continually improving every aspect of the experience my cosmetic surgery patients recieve in my practice. This also means constantly instilling and improving the ideals that have become the foundation of who we are as a practice today.

1. No appointment, patient, or member of our team is more important than one another.

2. Patients will always be the lifeblood of our practice.

3. We can always be better.

4. Providing patients with the ultimate experience in cosmetic surgery means providing excellent surgical results, outstanding customer service, better patient education, and taking the time to connect with patients to understand their individual desires.

In my pactice, technology, communication, and patient education have always been a critical component of our very humbling achievments as a collective group. I am very blessed to have very special team, amazing patients, and the luck of being able to say "I love what I do." I have always felt that taking the time to understand my patients gives me the ability to earn an increadibly fulfilling connection with them.

A bit more about Dr. Dana

If you're searching for the best plastic surgeons in Florida, look no further. Dana M. Goldberg M.D. is proud to be considered one of the top female Board Certified West Palm Beach plastic surgeons.

As a thriving cosmetic surgery expert Dr. Dana M. Goldberg is well known for her surgical skill, delicate touch, and her ability to connect with patients. A constant pursuit of perfection has allowed Dr. Goldberg to command one of the fastest growing plastic surgery practices in the United States, and to become a leader among West Palm Beach plastic surgeons.

Board Certified Female Plastic Surgeon Dana M. Goldberg earned her bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Notre Dame, where she was graduated Summa cum laude. During her undergraduate studies, Dr. Goldberg was a finalist in the Miss Ohio pageant, where she placed first in talent by playing classical piano. She credits years of piano lessons with developing the dexterity and control of her hands that made her the surgeon she is today. Dr. Goldberg then went on to earn her Doctor of Medicine at The Ohio State University.

She completed her residency training in both general and plastic surgery at The Ohio University Medical Center, where she was chosen to receive the prestigious Intern of the Year award. Dr. Goldberg has also been Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, where she ranked in the 95th percentile among board certified plastic surgeons nationally.

Dr. Goldberg has been to multiple specialty conferences like Allergan Apex Academy, which is a breast conference featuring cutting edge techniques and is invitation-only for the top  young breast surgeons in the country. Dr. Goldberg has been a featured expert for Real Self.com at the 2014 Baker Gordon Symposium for Cosmetic Surgery, and has also had the honor of speaking at both the 2013 and 2014 National American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting for her lecture "Surviving and Thriving in a Post ACA World."  Dana M. Goldberg M.D. has achieved Allergan's Black Diamond level distinction which is reserved for only the best performing cosmetic surgery practices in America, and her office was even IMAGE Skincare's Spa of the year for 2014.

As a female plastic surgeon, she is able to relate well to the aesthetic goals of her male and female patients, which has allowed her practice to thrive.  Dr. Dana Goldberg has shaped her practice with a well-rounded balance of cosmetic surgery procedures for men and women of all ages. Dr. Goldberg has developed a strong reputation for her breast augmentation revision, breast augmentation, Face Lift, and Labiaplasty surgery results, which have allowed her lead one of the fastest growing cosmetic plastic surgery practices in south Florida. Dr. Goldberg has become a go to name in Palm Beach County cosmetic Plastic surgery.

We are committed to unrivaled customer service, outstanding surgical results, and a deep passion for helping our patients feel more beautiful, We are a unique young practice with engaging ideas about the role of culture in life and business.

Our practice is deliberately built around five cultural principles — transparency, flat hive-management, service, consensus, and performance.

Slackers don't last long in our practice, nor do people who aren't comfortable with accountability, flexibility, self-improvement, teamwork, and a little whittling away of the ego. As a group, we're interested in making sure every patient is 100% satisfied 100% of the time.

We feel that positivity, improves productivity and satisfaction in the workplace, and increases well being and reduces stress in all environments. Community is important to us. We care for each other in our family here, and the result is that the group is more than just a number of individuals.


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Kim Sanchez – Cosmetic Surgery Coordinator & Director of Patient Relations

Kim, a Jupiter, Florida native, came to our practice in 2010.  Her abundance of creativity and entrepreneurial skills contributed greatly to the expansion of our practice. She has been Dr. Goldberg’s right hand lady, and patients rave about their wonderful teamwork. She has a wealth of knowledge in plastic surgery and compassion for every patient's needs and feelings. She will assist you in making the most informed decision about your upcoming procedure. 
“I never wanted to be just a cosmetic coordinator, but a comforting hand to hold through some of the best life changing moments. I'm committed to offering the ultimate experience in cosmetic surgery and am a phone call away anytime of the day to assist with anything the patient needs.”

Kim is also our number one fashionista!

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Layla Mirian - Surgery center Manager & office manager

Layla is originally from New Jersey and is a University of Florida graduate. She is the head of our team organization and day-to-day operations management. She is always “floating around the office” and is a smile to greet patients when they come in our door and a hand to hold during a procedure. She is responsible for providing administrative leadership for our team and acting as a liaison between the patient and doctor.  Her years of medical experience, knowledge, and kindness allow her to provide the smoothest experience possible for all our patients.

“I am proud to be a part of such an amazing practice and to be learning and growing in so many different aspects on a daily basis. I enjoy truly lending a hand to any person on our team and being a leader of that team.”

Layla is a complete adrenaline, gym junkie, and off road mountain biker.  On her free time, she's usually out traveling somewhere.

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Trudy Chatelain - Surgical Scheduler

Trudy came to our practice from New Orleans, Louisiana. She ensures that patient's surgeries are scheduled in a timely fashion and ensures that everything is in place for surgery and recovery to happen smoothly. Her sweet and compassionate demeanor helps each patient’s nerves to be at rest before surgery, and her southern twang brings laughter to everyone she encounters. She creates long lasting bonds between each patient and especially with all our reconstructive patients. Trudy is loved for her extreme attention to detail and outstanding personal care for each of their needs.

Trudy loves traveling and is a huge New Orleans Saints fan!

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melissa stahlman  -  PATIENT CONCIERGE

Melissa is head of our patient concierge, the gorgeous smile that greets you at the door, and the sweet and peaceful voice on the phone always willing to assist. She is always so full of life and ambition, and a strong team player, and leader within the practice. Melissa graduated from Florida State University with a duel Bachelor’s in Psychology and International Affairs.

When she is not working she is tutoring young minds, and enjoys art.

Jenifer Boyson - Patient concierge


Jennifer Chevalier - Medical assistant

Katie Tamburro - Nurse PRACTITIONER


STEPHANIE BONCIMINO - Certified LASER TECHNICIAN & Licensed Clinical Aesthetician 

Stephanie has been a certified Laser Technician and Licensed Clinical Aesthetician for more than ten years. She specializes in the aesthetic field working with the most advanced laser technologies, aesthetic procedures, and skin care products available. She provides services such as, IPL Photorejuvenation, laser skin tightening, laser hair removal, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.  As a skin care specialist, Stephanie continues to receive ongoing training and education on the most cutting edge treatments in order to provide the highest quality of care and remain well versed in the latest procedural advances.  She can help you achieve your cosmetic goals and keep your skin looking its very best.

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Ryan goldberg,  - Operations Manager

Ryan received his BSBA in marketing  as well as an MBA in finance. He is responsible for managing day-to-day business affairs as well as practices marketing efforts. He enjoys talking with our patients and is always available to address concerns.

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