How Much Does Botox Cost? – Q&A

Short answer:

Honestly, it could be anywhere between $350 and $1000 depending on how much you need and how it is priced.

Long answer:

Botox can be priced by the unit or by the area. I charge by the unit since every patient requires a different amount, and not every “area” requires the same number of units. For example, a fairly standard number of units for an area (like the glabella, brow, or crows feet) is 20 units. Some patients prefer 10 units because they like to maintain some movement, and other patients need closer to 30 to treat the area fully. Also, other areas like lines on the neck or mouth often require far fewer than 20 units.

Most physicians charge around $10-15 per unit. Prices vary depending on where the injector gets the Botox, who is injecting, geographical location, and other factors. There are often specials for Botox, but you have to be wary of any office whose prices are much less expensive than other physicians. The Botox may be illegally purchased from another country (where it is not regulated by the FDA), it may be diluted, or it may have been mixed several days before and losing potency.

It’s always good to be price conscious, but you do not want to cut corners when it comes to your heath or appearance. Going to the same person regularly can help you get the best result with the fewest number of units possible while minimizing risks like brow droop since treatments can be adjusted each time based on how you respond.