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Am I still a candidate for Breast Augmentation with multiple cysts? Q&A

While you have swelling (the first 3 months after surgery) you may find your cysts are more uncomfortable or visible than now. But once the swelling goes away, it shouldn't be an issue. If you ever have the need to have a cyst drained, make sure to discuss this with your plastic surgeon. Since there... Read More ›

Would you use the same implants for a revision after an infection?

When bacteria come into contact with foreign objects (like implants), they attach to the surface and secrete a protective layer called a biofilm. This means that if you keep the same implants, even though infections can seem under control while you're on antibiotics, they are extremely likely to get... Read More ›

Smoking marijuana after surgery Q&A

There are no formal studies that show negative effects of marijuana after surgery unless tobacco wrappers (which contain nicotine) are used, so it's probably ok. However, there can be interactions with narcotics, and it might increase risks of infection and poor scarring. It's best to discuss this w... Read More ›

Cigarettes and Surgery

Smoking puts nicotine in your system, constricting your blood vessels and decreasing amounts of oxygen in your bloodstream. This creates a higher chance that you will have a complication like infection, capsular contracture, or poor scarring. Risks increase the more you smoke, but even one cigarette... Read More ›