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Sculptra event video

  Sculptra event   Our very first online and in person sculptra educational event was a smash! Not only did we have a great in person turn out, but our online webinar turned out to be well worth the effort. We can't thank the attendees enough, and we really hope you'll attend one of our events in th... Read More ›

I had Botox the week I conceived. Do you think my baby will be safe? Q&A

I personally had Botox early in my first trimester before I knew I was pregnant, and everything was completely fine. Most likely Botox has no negative effects, but large studies are required to prove it, and no one will ever perform that study because the potential rewards (cosmetic) will never be e... Read More ›

Our new labiaplasty documentary is finally here!

    Dana Goldberg MD: Labiaplasty as a procedure and external female genitalia surgery in general has been growing dramatically over the last few years. There are some women that come in just for a small amount of trimming and other women that come in for work on both the labia majora and labia min... Read More ›

Is a breast lift needed if I have a level 1 breast ptosis? Q&A

Although it does sound like you could have a good result without needing a lift, it's only by assessing the stretchiness of your skin in a physical exam that a definite answer can be given. Even if the look of the breast is good after surgery, sometimes the nipple will be lower on the breast than de... Read More ›