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What should I do about rippling?

I have many patients that are concerned about silicone, but they are actually very safe devices. I personally waited 7 years before getting implants just so silicone was available again.  The "form stable" or "gummy bear" implants (released on 2012 here in the US but used in Europe and Canada for ov... Read More ›

Do you recommend having a tummy tuck between pregnancies?

Having a tummy tuck is going to make pregnancy more uncomfortable and potentially risky. Plus, a pregnancy will likely ruin the results of your tummy tuck. Re-doing it will lead to additional scarring since you will have extra skin, but not enough to completely redo the procedure. Don't do it.  Once... Read More ›

Can Man Boobs Grow Back After Gynecomastia?

Man boobs can be caused by excess fat, but true gynecomastia is caused by the presence of firmer breast tissue. Once this firm breast tissue is removed, it will not generally return. That said, if you gain a lot of weight, the increase in fat can mimic the appearance of gynecomastia. Also, if there... Read More ›

Non-surgical Treatment for Undereye Bags?

In some patients, filler underneath the area of the bag may smooth out the contour enough that surgery is not needed for correction. My preferred filler for this area is Restylane. Most patients will have swelling for 2-3 days, and some have bruising for up to a week or so. However, this is generall... Read More ›