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Things that fill my cup

Last week, a friend and fellow surgeon inspired me to think about the things in life that enrich your soul, or as she says, the things that fill your cup. I’ve spent a lot of time this week thinking about the things that fill my cup. At first consideration, some of them are stressful or difficult. I... Read More ›

Why I do what I do

The important things I get out of Medicine Today I decided that I’ll focus on sharing one of the important things I get out of Medicine rather than joining the ranks of Americans trying to analyze whats wrong with healthcare. I suppose you learn to do amazing things during years training to become a... Read More ›

Get Ready, Get Set…

A few weeks ago, a friend and fellow Junior League member called me and said that she wanted to nominate me for the Palm Beach Woman of the Year. I have to say, I was flattered to hear that I could be considered for somebody “of the Year”, but I was also wondering what the heck she was talking about... Read More ›

I can't afford to spend time with my patients

May 11, 2008 It’s friday, and I’m reflecting on my week. On tuesday, I went to the hospital at 1pm. I had six patients to see. Many physicians would have been out of the hospital within 30 or 40 minutes, but I was there for about three hours. This is because when I see a patient, I can’t help but s... Read More ›