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Plastic Surgery Terminology

PLASTIC SURGERY TERMINOLOGY Today we're going to talk about all of the different medical terminology as it relates to plastic surgery, but this kind of came about because of a couple of things. We've transitioned a lot of our injectables in the last year to my nurse practitioner Katie, and we do hav... Read More ›

Fat Grafting & Fat Transfer

Fat transfer and Fat Grafting This has become one of the more popular things people want. Obviously you cannot mention this trend without mentioning the Kardashian's and the BBL. The Brazilian butt lifts are what most people know them by. But there are so many more places on the body that patients... Read More ›

Cosmetic Treatments for Eyes

There are a lot of places that we can go with this and a lot to cover. I think we talked about breaking it down to starting off very minimal, and what the needs are, and what people are concerned with and then how to address each one of those things. PREVENTION Some people come in when they're youn... Read More ›

Breast implant option

Breast Implant Options

Click here to see additional episodes: So we want to dive into where are implants today that are offered out right now, because things have changed so much over the last five years. There's a lot of area to cover here. So it's hard to even know where to start. My consults have become so overwhelmin... Read More ›